What sex positions do men and women prefer?

A satisfying, fulfilling, heavenly orgasm can be reached with the proper knowledge about sex in general, and many factors the experience like the sex position, penis’ size, rhythm, and location. The performance really matters for both men and women, and mostly, relationships succeed or fail because of the sexual compatibility or incompatibility of the couple.

As sexual partners, the couples must have the willingness to explore various ways to pleasure each other, and to be open-minded with new ideas and techniques to travel the road to a perfect orgasm. Many sex positions exist for both sexes to try, but there are a couple of sex positions that both men and women truly enjoy.

Missionary sex position

The missionary sex position is a traditional and timeless sex position that will never grow old. Though it is branded as the default sex position and considered boring by young people who have just discovered sex, missionary position is actually the most intimate sexual encounter among all the conventional and modern sex positions. The missionary sex position comprise of a man on top of a woman in a sexual act. This position is favored by most men and women because of the intimacy it entails. Looking at each other’s eyes as the man enters the woman, watching closely as the eyes change in their depth, seeing the pleasure reflect on each other’s eyes from the moment of entry up to the orgasm is exquisitely beautiful.

Girl on top

The girl on top position is an absolute favorite of men and women as a sex position. Women riding men like a horse while eye contact is made is extremely fascinating. The freedom of women to control the sexual pace, the anticipation of men of reaching orgasm while the omen dominated them is exhilarating. The complete abandon that women need to give in order to have the best satiating sexual experience in a girl on top sex position adds more pleasure to both of them. Women loves the power they have on top, riding their men to the waves of pleasure, and men loves to watch their women heighten their pleasure and knowing that without their submission, the women cannot reach their desired ecstasy.

Doggy style

Doggy style is definitely one of the sexiest and dirtiest sex position ever invented. This sex position allows a man to dominate a woman through the back, taking her fully from behind and have the freedom to do whatever he wants, and take complete lead on the rhythm. He can pump in and out hard or gently, but mostly in this style it is fast and hard. Women loves this doggy position because it provides full penetration, leading to a sexy orgasm. Through this position, the woman can convey her trust with her man, since this sex position makes it hard for the woman to see the man, she has faith in what he is doing, and submits to what he wants.

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