Spit or Swallow: What women have to say about it

A blowjob is one of the favorite things that a guy wants to experience. Even if they can have sex with their partners, men still at times prefer to get a blowjob than to have actual sex. For some reason known only to men, blowjob is a very hot experience, watching women suck on their penis, face fucking their partners, and coming into their mouths is one of the most exhilarating feelings for them. Especially when their women shallows their juice, men are way beyond in heaven.

To spit or to swallow

Women find themselves doing a blowjob whether they like it or not. They do it because they like to, or because they know that it is what their man wants, and they reckon it is better that they give it to them than have another woman fulfill that desire. However, the decision mostly is not about giving a great blowjob or not. The decision that women needs to make is whether to spit it out or swallow it. Most of the time, the decision needs to be made in matter of seconds before the man “comes”, since you cannot really plan every detail of the blowjob session.

Anyhow, swallowing is not such a bad idea, since the joyful man-juice is actually filled with natural protein, and it has 20 calories in one teaspoonful. Bottom line is, man-juice is healthy, it’s good for the women’s health, and studies even show that it is good for the skin. Though many traditional and conservative women can never imagine themselves doing a blowjob, much more swallowing or spitting, there are a great number of women who enjoys giving a blowjob and are perfectly okay with spitting or swallowing. The power they have over men in giving a blowjob is refreshing, omen enjoys it because it gives them the freedom to dominate the pleasure of their men, to let them come when they choose to, and to give men the satisfaction of swallowing their seed or disappointment of spitting it out.

Timing, location, and preparation

The decision to spit or swallow is dependent on many factors like the timing of the release, the location where the blowjob is done, and the advance preparation needed for the session. If you have every intention of giving a blowjob, make sure that you have a tissue or handkerchief near you so you can the juice into it after the release. The location matters because if you are not prepared and you are giving a blowjob in a place where spitting is obvious, then of course you need to swallow. And timing is everything. Though men usually give a few seconds notice that they are about to “come”, it is a mere few seconds of time given to you to either spit or swallow. With the right timing, you can make the decision to completely avoid spitting or swallowing by removing your mouth just in perfect time.

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