Why Women Prefer Erotic Literature Instead of Porn?

Everyone already knows that women and men are quite different in many ways. It appears that when it comes to adult content preferences, there’s another disparity between both sexes. For instance, it’s no secret that males enjoy pornography. Although women like looking at porn as well, they don’t do so as much as men. Additionally, when it comes to choosing between erotic literature and porno, females like the former. Men on the other hand, mostly prefer looking at free porn content, as opposed to reading about it.

So it brings up the question as to why this happens? Why do most women prefer erotic literature while men choose porn instead? Some of the answers can be found in the porn categories both sexes watch. Men for example, like to see porn videos that show couples getting right to the action. Women on the other hand, enjoy adult content that is more romantic. Erotic porn is more popular with females, than with men. However, that appears to be changing as more males today are beginning to enjoy adult films with better story lines in them. Or adult content which is more sensuous and amorous like erotic porn videos are.

Recent studies and surveys help paint a better picture when it comes to these differences. One in particular done by Wall Street Journal, shows what men look for in porn when searching online. Most check out free porn videos which generally show sexually explicit content. All they care about mostly is the explicit sex and skin shown. On the other hand, females are more inclined to read erotic novels. Those pieces tend to be a mixture of romance and detective type novels. They also take the readers at least a few hours to go through them.

All of this helps to point out why erotic stories that are character driven, are very popular with females. They enjoy reading about the nature of the lover being depicted in the story. Erotic literature lets the reader use their imagination. In turn, they end up creating the pornographic situation in their own minds. Porn on the other hand, is WYSIWYG. As we already know, men are more visual creatures than anything else. They enjoy looking at sexually explicit content since it is candy for their eyes. Women on the other hand, use their imagination to vividly come up with the same results.

It’s no secret that women have more fantasies than men do. These fantasies tend to be sexual in nature. With erotic literature, the readers have a greater discretion; especially when it comes to the characters they are reading about. The reader gets to decide what the character being depicted looks like. They also get to choose how they feel, smell and other things. For men, this may be too complicated to deal with. Males interest are not that way since they like simplicity and to the point.

Women are far more complex since they like to carefully scrutinize all the evidence before them. That goes back to a popular joke that women are better than the FBI when it comes to investigating. They examine all of the facts. Not only physical, but social and emotional evidence. The sexual desires in men can be compared to a switch that one turns on and off easily. For women though, it is much more like a circuit board which is complex and labyrinthian in nature. While men gobble up all the free porn available on the internet, women are not that fast to do so. In fact, many females find porn too disgusting or violent.

In part, it is why so many of them search for porno that is ideally for them. Proof of this can be obtained by the top searches performed by females when it pertains to adult related content. The phrase ‘porn for women,’ was among the top. Adult film production companies saw this and came up with the right type of content for these females. It leads to more erotic porn movies being produced. Pornographic movies made for women in mind, had stronger dialogue. There was also more emphasis on romance, foreplay and intimacy. Even the porn industry has learned that in order to captivate women, the adult content has to mimic erotic literature to do so.